Mr. Davison will provide direction, overall guidance, and management to the AQYR team. Mr. Davison was recently responsible for directing AQYR’s Government Programs. His leadership spans procurement, engineering, manufacturing, quality, training, field service and the help desk. Mr. Davison has extensive telecommunications and technology experience garnered from both commercial industry and the military.

Since 2006, Mr. Davison has been a core member of AQYR and is a named inventor on AQYR products. He held technical roles at DTC Communications, Inc., iBasis Inc. and the US Military prior to joining AQYR. Mr. Davison is US Marine Corps veteran and graduated from the GMF SATCOM Technician Signal School and Marine Corps C&E Schools.


Mr. Ayotte is responsible for AQYR’s technical roadmap as AQYR’s Director of Product Development. With over 15 years of experience in electrical design and development, Mr. Ayotte is a true innovator that drives early adoption of technology in the systems under his management.

A key member of AQYR’s team since 2006, Mr. Ayotte is a named inventor on AQYR’s products. Prior to his tenure at AQYR, Mr. Ayotte held design engineering roles at DTC Communications, Inc. He earned Electrical Engineering Degrees from the University of Massachusetts and the University of South Carolina. Mr. Ayotte is a US Air Force veteran.


Mr. Eddings will provide sale and marketing management of AQYR products. He is responsible for global sales of the existing two way products, and leading the marketing and business development efforts at AQYR. A 35-year satellite communications veteran, Mr. Eddings career has included operations, technical, sales and business development roles. He has led sales and business development efforts focused on commercial, government and military roles with both U.S. and foreign entities.

Prior to joining AQYR, Mr. Eddings was responsible for business development with several Satellite antenna and amplifier manufacturers. Mr. Eddings is a US Army veteran and graduated from various US Army Satellite based courses, in addition to serving as an instructor.


Mr. Augustine is responsible for the dual role of directing AQYR’s production operation and product support. His leadership spans procurement, manufacturing, quality, test, training, field service and the help desk. Mr. Augustine has over 35 years of experience in electronic manufacturing that comprises of varying disciplines including quality engineering/management, test management, and manufacturing engineering/management.

Since 2010, Mr. Augustine has been a member of AQYR and has played a key role in establishing AQYR’s documentation configuration control system and quality management system. He has held various technical and managerial roles at such companies as DTC Communications, Inc., Semiconductor Circuits Inc., and Power Systems Inc., prior to joining AQYR. Mr. Augustine earned a degree in the Quality Principles of Applied Science from Nashua Technical College and an Electronic Technical Certification from Campbellton Community College.


Tony Helinski, Director of Engineering

Mr. Helinski is responsible for engineering of AQYR products. He is responsible for Hardware and Software development and leading the efforts of engineering and taking the products to completion. Mr. Helinski’s 35-year career involves transmission and system engineering for hardware, firmware and software development; leading teams for surveillance, video and radio products.

Prior to joining AQYR, Mr. Helinski had most recently held senior engineering positions at Lucent-Bell Labs, DTC Communications and Sensitech. Mr. Helinski holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Wentworth Institute of Technologies in Electronic Technology and a Master’s Degree from the University of Massachusetts in Computer Engineering. Mr. Helinski is a Navy veteran.


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