AQYR provides a variety of accessories for our AN/PRS-11 GBS Receive Suite, SPRS. These accessories enable users to extend or enhance the capabilities of the KA-10 system.

  • AN/PRS-11 / KA-PRT / KA-10 60cm Dish Accessory Kit

    The 60cm Dish Accessory provides 275% increase in Signal Gain. The portable and lightweight segmented composite dish fits into small bag.

  • KA-BAND 80 cm Dish Accessory

    The 80 cm Dish Accessory is designed to augment the current flat panel when you need to increase your signal 7.5dB or better.

  • KA-10 Field Support Kit

    The Field Support Kit contains a subset of spare components to allow forward deployment of available parts for the KA-PRT systems.

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