Ka-Band Solutions

AQYR designs and manufactures highly portable full auto-acquisition ground terminals. These intuitive, easy to use auto-positioners are born from our 10 years’ experience as the Tactical SATCOM Systems Division of Windmill International, Inc. Our patented Global Broadcast Service (GBS) products have been fielded and deployed since 2007 with US Special Operation Forces in missions worldwide.

  • AN/PRS-11 Suitcase Portable Receive Suite

    The AN/PRS-11 GBS Suitcase Portable Receive Suite revolutionizes the way warfighters operate. The lightweight, compact design delivers access to critical mission information and unparalleled bandwidth to support operations on the WGS satellite constellation.

  • KA-PRT Portable Receive Terminal

    KA-PRT is a highly portable Ka-Band portable receive terminal that revolutionizes the way in-the-field communicators operate. It brings operations center information to the teams or to the individuals, in austere locations or where they need it most.

  • KA-PRT-60

  • KA-PRT-80

    The KA-PRT-80 is an ultra-lightweight, compact design that delivers much needed capabilities to support full-
    spectrum operations. The system operates over military-owned Ka-Band satellites, which provide both low cost
    (no satellite access fees) and incredibly wide bandwidth over Worldwide Global SATCOM (WGS) satellites.

  • AN/PRS-12 Rucksack Portable Receive Suite

    The AN/PRS-12 GBS Rucksack Portable Receive Suite by AQYR is the ultra-lightweight SATCOM solution that helps the warfighter win. Based on the operationally proven technology in our AN/PRS-11 Suitcase Portable Receive Suite (SPRS), the RPRS provides an even more compact solution.


    Our super compact Taranis AutoAQYR™ (auto-acquire) SATCOM terminal provides Commercial and Government users high
    speed Broadband Connectivity in a small, efficient terminal package. The Taranis is easy to set-up and operate with a highly efficient dual optics reflector, Gregorian antenna design. This 65cm Taranis, name

  • ThinPACK® AutoAQYR™ Terminal

    AQYR’s ThinPACK AutoAQYR™ Terminal features the AutoAQYR software which delivers lightning fast acquisition and packs into a single rugged case.

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