Homeland Defense / Public Safety

AQYR’s highly transportable SATCOM solutions offers agency charged with Homeland Defense and Public Safety the means to connect to information no matter the situation or location. First Responders require a simple, yet robust and rapidly-deployable communications capability for mission continuity. Drawing from the capabilities and technologies developed in our Military product family, AQYR’s 2-Way Broadband VSAT Terminals offer quick, no-tools assembly and simple operations.

These intuitive, patented, easy to use auto-positioning systems are born from our 10 years’ experience as the Tactical SATCOM Systems Division of Windmill International, Inc. Our products have no ITAR restrictions and carry a Commodity Jurisdiction designation by the U.S Department of State.

Relevant products to the Public Sector include the following products:

  • TYPHOON 1.0 Meter Ku-Band Terminal

    The TYPHOON Ku-Band Terminal delivers lightning fast auto-acquisition for two-way broadband VSAT communications in one rugged case. TYPHOON is the next-generation of rapidly deployable broadband satellite communication terminals.

  • KA-PRT Portable Receive Terminal

    KA-PRT is a highly portable Ka-Band portable receive terminal that revolutionizes the way in-the-field communicators operate. It brings operations center information to the teams or to the individuals, in austere locations or where they need it most.

  • ThinPACK® AutoAQYR™ Terminal

    AQYR’s ThinPACK AutoAQYR™ Terminal features the AutoAQYR software which delivers lightning fast acquisition and packs into a single rugged case.


    Our super compact Taranis AutoAQYR™ (auto-acquire) SATCOM terminal provides Commercial and Government users high
    speed Broadband Connectivity in a small, efficient terminal package. The Taranis is easy to set-up and operate with a highly efficient dual optics reflector, Gregorian antenna design. This 65cm Taranis, name

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