AQYR provides highly transportable Tactical SATCOM solutions to U.S. Military, Civilian Federal, U.S. Homeland Defense/First Responders and Foreign Government customers. Our commercial products are designed for use in Public Safety, Oil & Gas Exploration, Media Services and Humanitarian Relief Services.

AQYR designs and manufactures portable 2-way Ku-, Ka- and X-band full auto-acquisition satellite ground terminals and GBS receive suites. These intuitive, patented, easy to use satellite auto-positioners come out of our 10 year reputation and experience as the Tactical SATCOM Systems Division of Windmill International, Inc.

AQYR Tactical SATCOM products provide capability to U.S. Military Special Operation Forces deployed worldwide.

  • Military & Defense

    AQYR’s Auto Acquire SATCOM Terminal's meets all military fielding requirements and have been deployed since 2007 with elite military Special Operation Forces, we provide FMV and ISR to the new generation of Warfighters at the tactical edge.

  • Homeland Defense / Public Safety

    AQYR's highly transportable SATCOM solutions offers the First Responder a robust and rapidly-deployable communications capability all in a single case. Drawing from the capabilities of our Military product family, our 2-Way Broadband VSAT Terminals offer quick, no-tools assembly and simple operations.

  • Commercial & Enterprise

    AQYR's solutions offer unique capability to those needing communications in remote locations. From Media access of high-speed uplinks for video production or remote exploration of Oil & Gas, we have solutions that meet the requirement and budget.

  • OEM

    AQYR is a powerhouse of talent - we draw from many disciplines and experience, we have assembled a team that can develop patentable, electro-mechanical, ruggedized, appropriately designed packaging and HMI for a wide variety of products, and many markets.

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