March 13, 2018

March 15, 2018

Hollis, NH –

AQYR Technologies announced today the introduction of two new families of Satellite terminals; the CAELUS and TARANIS antenna systems. Each terminal brings different characteristics to the satellite market, using the expertise and experience AQYR has used in the development of the award winning AN/PRS-11 receive suite used on the Global Broadcast Service network for U.S. DoD.

The CAELUS is named after the Roman God of the Sky. The CAELUS is a cost effective, very powerful Auto-AQYR (acquire) system. It uses hardware and software development based on new technologies, leveraging the latest advances in processing power and motorization. AQYR also introduces the industry’s fastest and most accurate pointing system with InstAQYR. The initial product is a 1.2M Ku band, Transportable system with a 6-piece segmented reflector for ease of transport. InstAQYR uses Differential GPS and high-speed motorization and for near immediate acquisition of the satellite, with acquisitions averaging under 20 seconds, and the ability to move between satellites rapidly. The two case (with 3 case option), has the traditional AQYR ease of assembly without tools, an integrated controller, and single button acquisition. Additional products will be introduced in the CAELUS family, including Vehicle Mount, and Pole Mount. AQYR will also introduce Ka band, X band and C band versions, a 1M antenna, and the capability to track inclined orbit, MEO and LEO satellites in the coming months.

The TARANIS is named after the Celtic God of the Sky and Thunder. The 65cm dual optics Gregorian antenna fits onto AQYR’s lightest mount providing a powerful, compact, lightweight auto-AQYR platform. The TARANIS is configured as a single case transportable antenna using the same, easy to use and easy to setup mount as the popular TYPHOON and sleek ThinPACK satellite Terminals. The initial configuration is with the Ka and X band, with Ku band soon to follow.

“AQYR is aggressively moving into new vertical and geographic markets. The CAELUS is a differentiator, with innovations and engineering that will drastically change the landscape of the Auto-Acquisition and tracking antenna market. The TARANIS with it’s small footprint and flexibility pushes the limits of transportability”, says Rory Eddings, Director of Sales and Marketing at AQYR. “We are excited at the introduction of these antenna terminals and the expansion we strongly believe will set AQYR apart from the rest of the market.”

The terminals will be formally introduced at the Satellite Show in Washington D.C. AQYR will present the terminals at the SATELLITE Unveiled Theater, Booth 1152 on the 14th of March at 11:00 and at the AQYR booth #1939 during the show.

Both antennas, plus additional AQYR terminals such as the AN/PRS-11, TYPHOON and ThinPACK are available for demonstration and testing.


AQYR designs and manufactures highly portable GBS and 2-way Ku/Ka/X-band full auto-acquisition, single-case, portable ground terminals. These intuitive, patented, auto-acquire terminals are used by Defense, NGOs, Public Sector, Foreign Governments, Commercial & Enterprise markets. AQYR is THE land terminal provider for Tactical SATCOM Solutions. AQYR is a wholly owned subsidiary of Windmill International, Inc.

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