Indonesia Support

September 26, 2018

NASHUA New Hampshire, September 26, 2018 — AQYR Technologies, in cooperation with PT SkyReach of Jakarta, Indonesia and 31South of Perth, Australia, supported disaster recovery operations in Lombok, Timor in the wake of a catastrophic earthquake, which caused considerable disruption to local communications services. Working with the Indonesian USO and Indonesian Army, a quick response team carried the single case antenna solution with the Skyreach baseband system to Lombok in a matter of hours after the earthquake on August 5th damaged thousands of homes and took over 250 lives. This was the second deadly earthquake to strike the area in a weeks time.

AQYR provided a TYPHOON auto acquire antenna to Lombok, Timor. The easy transportation, setup and operation allowed communications to be quickly reestablished for the support workers; providing much need communications for logistic and emergency operations. SkyReach and 31South provided setup and logistical support in Lombok.

ABOUT AQYR: AQYR designs and manufactures highly portable GBS and 2-way Ku/Ka/X-band full auto-acquisition, single-case, portable ground terminals. These intuitive, patented, auto-acquire terminals are used by Defense, NGOs, Public Sector, Foreign Governments, Commercial & Enterprise markets. AQYR is THE land terminal provider for Tactical SATCOM Solutions. AQYR is a wholly owned subsidiary of Windmill International, Inc.

ABOUT SKYREACH: Skyreach is a national licensed telecommunication service provider, particularly operator in satellite based infrastructure for Indonesia market. Our end-to-end solutions cover various-applications used in multi-industry, from maritime, media, energy, natural-resources to telco and governments.

With diversified facilities, our teleports and infrastructures are prepared for redundancy in multiple geographical locations and has been in our continuous development plan to always assure that our customers’ operation should not be interrupted for any reason.

Our business culture “we know our customer and our customer know us” has conducted truly partnership, robust chain, equal esteem, and reciprocate.

ABOUT 31SOUTH: 31south today specializes in the provision of hardware and airtime from a number of leading industry manufacturers who provide cutting edge technology and bandwidth services which are customized to meet the needs of varying industry sectors. 31south works with all size of businesses. This includes regional companies who provide various services to end users, but need the support from someone who has current and specific industry knowledge of the satellite communication industry. 31south provides services to corporate Telecommunication companies which focus on large corporate and government account management.

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